BlueGrace's 'Blueprint for Logistics Success' Campaign Drives Record Engagement and Sales Growth Through Innovation

Written By: Courtney Keenan | Jan 9, 2024 9:47:05 AM

BlueGrace Logistics, a logistics leader, aimed to enhance supply chain understanding amid a complex freight market. Their "Blueprint for Logistics Success" campaign engaged customers across all service levels, from transactional/brokerage to Managed Logistics, using innovative marketing. This highly successful campaign efficiently guided leads through the sales funnel and rekindled stagnant prospects.

BlueGrace's campaign unified sales teams, emphasizing the value of available tools for clients of all sizes. They streamlined lead management, simplifying lead enrollment through Salesforce. Custom API integrations between Salesforce and HubSpot enhanced lead addition and reporting, improving efficiency.

While profit increase was a primary goal, tracking lead progression through the sales funnel was equally crucial, especially for extended sales cycles. Leveraging Salesforce's new reporting capabilities, BlueGrace monitored this activity.

BlueGrace's "Blueprint for Logistics Success" campaign delivered impressive outcomes, including 1232 digital and 190 direct mail leads actively engaged in the initiative. These leads generated 2750 activities, while an additional 616 new leads were successfully generated through social media and cold emails. The campaign's landing page garnered a remarkable 3000K+ pageviews, signifying substantial interest. Within the sales funnel, 88 upward changes were observed, resulting in four closed deals. The campaign's compelling video content played a pivotal role in its success, illustrating its innovative approach and capacity to engage diverse sales teams and prospects, ultimately fostering business growth and success.

This campaign's success is attributed to its innovation, broad engagement, and effective Salesforce and HubSpot integration, showcasing how coordinated campaigns can engage sales teams and prospects, fostering business growth.

Hear firsthand about their Trailblazing success from BlueGrace’s Sr. Director of Marketing during a TMSA Fireside Chat with Executive Director, Jennifer Karpus-Romain.

Blazing a Trail? Become one of the next TMSA Trailblazers

The TMSA Trailblazer Awards are one of the most prestigious honors in the transportation and logistics industry for sales and marketing teams. The annual awards celebrate exemplary campaigns that have made significant contributions to the advancement of their company or industry at large. The awards recognize the impressive achievements of companies who have forged new paths in marketing and sales, ultimately helping to keep the supply chain moving. With a focus on excellence in strategy, creativity, innovative solutions, and business results, the TMSA Trailblazer Awards are a much sought-after recognition for the best in the industry.

The Trailblazer Awards reflect the TMSA's commitment to promoting and celebrating excellence in marketing and sales, transforming the transportation and logistics sector into a vibrant and thriving industry. 


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