Companies with Purpose: A review of the 2023 TMSA Purpose Award winners

Written By: Sean LeBlanc | Feb 19, 2024 3:20:32 PM

The TMSA Purpose Awards recognize companies in the transportation and logistics industries that positively contribute to their communities and the planet. Each year's submissions tell stories of engagement, hope, and generosity. At the halfway point of the 2024 award submission period, it's fitting to highlight the efforts of last year's recipients and offer examples of what makes a Purpose Award winner.

Transportation and logistics companies can often make the most significant impact by leveraging their talents, skills and equipment. Each of these TMSA Purpose Award winners has made the most of their abilities to improve the lives of others.

Fleet Advantage from Fort Lauderdale, FL, supports more than 35 charities through their Kids Around The Corner Foundation. When Horseplay Therapy needed a tractor to help provide therapies for children and veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder, Fleet Advantage tapped into its deep knowledge of equipment and relationships with dealerships to get them one.

With locations across the USA, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, Trailer Bridge's employee-driven TBGives has a wide reach and many hands to help with their initiatives. They have come together to grant a child their wish of a trip to Disney and helped rebuild a home with Habitat for Humanity. The company donated 100% of the $100,000 raised at their Rally por Puerto Rico Charity Golf Tournament. Their efforts have made a transformational change for a family on the island.

Autumn Consulting takes a people-first approach to their work with clients and in their community. Through their Autumn Cares program, they helped the Sunlight Home residential program purchase a new generator following Hurricane Ian. They also used their web design and SEO abilities to extend the organization's reach to vulnerable women.

In Ontario, Canada, cold freight experts at the Erb Group earned their Purpose Award using their knowledge and specialized equipment to fight food insecurity. In 2022, Erb delivered 7.6 million pounds of food to food banks. This is equal to 1,557,965 meals for hungry families. The company also makes a significant annual contribution to The Breakfast Club of Canada, raised by employee initiatives.

While four of last year's five recipients received their Purpose Awards in the Community category, Matson won theirs for their impressive efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Their fleet, which sails from the coastal waters of California and Alaska to Hawaii and across the Pacific, is being upgraded to be ready for carbon-neutral future fuels and efficient hull designs. The company also participates in programs that mitigate damage in waters sensitive to environmental damage. Matson is a dedicated supporter of community environmental and conservation organizations, giving nearly 1 million dollars in 2021.

By sharing their core strengths, all of the 2023 Purpose Award-winning companies engage their employees and connect with their communities for the betterment of each. The transportation and logistics industry is a business that connects people and places. We're looking forward to learning about more companies with purpose when the nominations for the 2024 awards close on March 15. Please visit to view all of our Recognition Awards and to submit a nomination for your caring company.


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