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Brand Alignment

Creating a Better Business Through Brand Alignment

Too often companies think that branding is a marketing function and conversations begin and end in the marketing department. The truth is, every employee you have is a piece of your brand, especially...

marketing teams support sales process

3 Ways Marketing Teams Can Support the Sales Process

All too often marketing and sales teams are thought of as different –and sometimes opposing – sides of your business. Yet, in truth, they are both crucial parts of the sales process and the most...

Trailblazer Awards 2022

Celebrating the Sales and Marketing in the Supply Chain at Blazer’s Bash

With a new location every year, the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association never fails to surprise and engage its members and event-goers at its summer conference. Just last year as the...


Sales and Marketing Collaboration: Your Growth Multiplier

“Customers don’t care where marketing and sales begin and end, they want one seamless experience.” -PATH study participant According to our research, 80% of customers are more likely to use a...


5 Sales Presentation Techniques to Close More Deals

The most successful sales reps in transportation and logistics know that when a presentation is done right, making a sales presentation with impact is a high-earning skill. So make sure to invest...


Listening to the Voice of Your Prospect

Many in transportation and logistics call it “consultative selling.” This means a sales approach that prioritizes relationships with shippers and other qualified buyers, and opens dialogue to...


COVID’s Impact on Sales Travel in Transportation and Logistics

Shippers are limiting external visits and sales calls to their facilities to minimize any chance of COVID spread to their workforces – which layers additional challenges to building relationships...

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