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5 Sales Presentation Techniques to Close More Deals

The most successful sales reps in transportation and logistics know that when a presentation is done right, making a sales presentation with impact is a high-earning skill. So make sure to invest...


Listening to the Voice of Your Prospect

Many in transportation and logistics call it “consultative selling.” This means a sales approach that prioritizes relationships with shippers and other qualified buyers, and opens dialogue to...


COVID’s Impact on Sales Travel in Transportation and Logistics

Shippers are limiting external visits and sales calls to their facilities to minimize any chance of COVID spread to their workforces – which layers additional challenges to building relationships...


Traditional Selling Meets a Virtual World

By John Boyens, Co-Founder and President, Boyens Group and speaker at the 2020 Logistics Marketing & Sales Virtual Conference Selling is now and will forever be different! Global pandemic, social...


“Hard Sell” Typically Means “No Sale”

Think about the last time you felt pressure from a salesperson. It could have been when you were shopping for a mattress a month ago or the last time you bought a car. Or maybe it was that random...


Traditional Salesperson vs. a Trusted Advisor

You’ve got 30 seconds to write down as many words/phrases as possible that come to mind when I say the word: SALESPERSON Go! So, what did you come up with? Did your list look something like this?...


Four Winning Sales Strategies that endure beyond Covid-19

“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”  - Max McKeown We’ve seen a lot of commentary in sales professional networking groups these last 6 weeks...

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